The Conscience of Cinema by Thomas Waugh and Women in the Silent Cinema by Annette Förster have been awarded as 'outstanding works for their excellence in presentation and scholarship, the significance of their contribution to the field, their...
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€ 95,00
This book brings together a team of scholars representing a broad range of interests and new approaches in medieval studies to explore the interactions of secular power and sacral authority in central and southeastern Europe in the period...
€ 56,95
This book brings together a stellar roster of contributors to present a close analysis of Metz's writings, their theoretical and epistemological positions, and their ongoing influence today.
€ 95,00
This collection of essays showcases extraordinary objects held by Australian collections, revealing a wide range of contemporary art and historical research.
€ 95,00
These preeminent translations of ten canonical Dutch poems discuss each poem’s historical context, revealing its political or ideological framing, religious elements, or the self-representational interests of the poet.
€ 105,00
This multidisciplinary book analyses the contradictory coexistence of consumerism and environmentalism in contemporary Japan.
€ 105,00
This book offers the first comprehensive overview of the important phenomenon of explosive news waves, referring to the process in which key events trigger a chain of reactions and interactions, spreading social epidemics in the social media.
€ 95,00
This book, grounded in archival research and close examination of artworks from The Poor Clares convent of Corpus Domini, explores the visual culture and social history of an early modern Franciscan women’s community.
€ 95,00
This book examines radical media ecologies as guerrilla networks, emphasising the proximity and inseparability of radical media and political practices.
€ 105,00
This book is one of the first to examine medieval Spanish canonical works for their portrayals of disability in relationship to theological teachings, legal precepts, and medical knowledge.
€ 85,00
This book brings together a roster of prominent contributors to present a strategic interactionist perspective on the study of contentious politics in the Middle East in response to the Arab uprisings.

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